Upcoming Events!

June 16Forest City ComiconCentennial Hall, London ON
August 2–4OtakuthonPalais des congrès de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec

Past 2024 events

February 10Valentine's MarketGood Foundation Theatre, Downtown London
March 2–3Sope Cupsleeve EventKung Fu Tea Wellesley Toronto
March 9–10Mutual Art FestivalOCADU - 100 Mccaul Street
March 16Maple Fest MarketGood Foundation Theatre -Downtown London
March 22London K-pop FestivalLondon Music Hall
March 23Genshiken FestivalUniversity of Guelph - University Center
April 13–14Studio Ghibli Fan Pop-upJapanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Sakura Way, Toronto
April 20K-pop Cupsleeve Event in HamiltonThe Alley, 1050 King St, Hamilton
May 4Comic Book Day MarketDowntown Dundas St, London ON

About me

Hello! My name is Shirley. I am an artist based in Canada.I've been drawing, creating merch, and exhibiting at conventions since 2014. I love to create K-pop inspired merch and merch for anime/manga/game series that I love as well! I also aspire to create more original artwork alongside my fanart. I hope you can recognize the all the love and dedication I put into my artwork ♥I'm fully embracing my multi-stan life these days.Boy groups I love: BTS, EXO, SHINee, STRAY KIDS, SEVENTEEN, TXT, NCT
Girl groups: TWICE, aespa, NewJeans

Trade & Sales info

Basic info:

  • Trade/sales ship from Ontario in Canada

  • I am currently collecting D.O./Kyungsoo from EXO and welcome sales solicits to my trade account only

  • I am currently building up my trade/sales account to separate my art account from my collecting hobby. I will still share or reshare to my art account some sale posts, but may not always share trades I am looking for. Please refer to @shiinpou for all the trades I am looking for to see if we can trade

  • I trade/sell worldwide

  • I have been collecting K-pop merch since 2019, and am a local GOM for the city I live in. I have over 4 years of experience with running group orders.

  • My trade account is new, and I am mostly buying at the moment. Please refer to my main art account @shiinapop for proofs. I have run an online art shop since 2020 that has over 2000+ sales. If you're not comfortable with this being enough proof for you or a evidence of trustworthiness, then please let me know and we can either try to work out something else, or just skip me for your consideration so we don't waste each other's time.

  • I can do meets ups, or pick ups at cupsleeve events. Please message me to see if we can work this out!


  • All merchandise is official unless otherwise stated.

  • I expect photocard trades to be packed using a toploader with a sleeve. I expect the same, but am open to other packing methods. Please let me know in advance if you'll be packing it differently.

  • I am not responsible for lost or damaged mail. Once it is in the mail system, it is out of my control.

  • It is ultimately my discretion if I want to back out of a trade or sale.

  • I expect full disclosure of any previous damage that the merchandise has before there has been any payment exchanged.

Sale disclaimers

  • I accept e-transfer for Canadians, Paypal Friends & Family only for worldwide. I do not accept Paypal Goods & Services for my official merchandise, secondhand market sales.

  • I am not responsible for any customs that the shipments may incur.

  • All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

  • I prefer payment in USD, but can make exceptions for Canadians. Canadian prices will be the daily conversion rate from USD > CAD.

  • I can send video/photo proof as requested. But it is not my default to do so, please ask if you feel that you need it.

Trade/Buying disclaimers

  • I look for reputable trade accounts that have clear trade or sales proofs (around 10+ is good for me), solid information/disclaimers that helps to ensure a smooth communication process, information about the person behind the account, and how active the account is.

  • I am open to trading with new accounts so long as there is solid communication (timely responses, can send clear video/photo proof as requested).

  • Please pack the trade/your sales with care. I expect toploaders + a sleeve for photocards, any other packing method must be communicated before it is sent and approved by myself.

  • Again, I expect full disclosure if the product has any damage, scratches, indents, or bents.

Group order disclaimers

  • All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated.

  • I ship worldwide.

  • No backouts once you have commented to claim.

  • You can sell your claim, but you are responsible for finding a buyer. If you do this, this must be communicated to me!

  • Group orders are to be paid in USD only, via Paypal F&F.

  • Please understand that GOs can take time. Please do not join if you are in a rush. Be patient with group orders, please!

  • Please read the specific GO post carefully as it will include additional information about how it is run.

  • Be 18+ years of age, or have permission from your parents or guardian to join the group order.

  • You are responsible as a buyer for timely responses and payments.

  • I am not responsible for any lost or damaged goods via the mail system. I am not responsible for any mail delays or receiving wrong items in the order that are out of my control.

  • If you fail to pay your 2nd payment fee within 48-hours, I will have the full discretion of putting your item up for reclaim.

  • I have the full discretion of banning disrespectful joiners from my GOs or anyone who fails to comply with the rules and disclaimers.